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Social Media & the Perception of Your Practice

Think about the last movie you saw. Why did you see it? You probably saw trailers, heard radio spots, maybe your friend convinced you to see it.

Think about the other movies you passed up on watching. Why didn’t you watch them? Probably because you had heard so many things about the first movie, it was a no-brainer that you’d see that one! Believe it or not, prospective patients see your practice in the same exact light. Except instead of trailers or radio ads, they’re looking to social media to build their perception of you. I had a public relations professor in college who couldn’t have put it simpler: “If you don’t have time for social media, then you don’t have time to build your business.”


Yelp reviews and Facebook profiles are the most influential pages to establish- they’re like the Ebert and Roeper of businesses. This is where prospective patients build their perception based on what’s said about you.  The reality is: if you aren’t managing your online presence, somebody else will. These websites give a lot of power to the users; why leave your reputation up to chance when you can do something to facilitate its positivity?

To begin, you should make sure your business listing on Yelp is current and all information is correct. It is very likely that someone has already added your practice to the website, on which you can still edit any information. If they haven’t, you can simply add your business by filling out an online form. You can now refer your satisfied patients to write reviews on your Yelp page. 18 million users visit Yelp per month. Prospective patients will be looking for you on Yelp. Let them know you exist.

You don’t have to have a personal Facebook profile to create one for your practice, but it’s easy either way! Go to and it will take you through a step-by-step process to set up a great Facebook profile for your practice. If you have a strong presence on Facebook, you’ll have a stronger presence in the lives of your current and future patients, and the community. By liking your business’s Facebook profile, they are committing to receiving your updates straight to their home screen, amongst their friend’s status updates. Offer something to your Facebook “fans” that they can’t access anywhere else- I personally love Facebook specials or coupons I receive for liking a page, and that keeps me coming back to the profile for more! For example: offer your Facebook fans an exclusive $10 off their next cleaning. This builds a better business relationship between your patients and your practice. They help market your practice by liking your page and posts, while they benefit from your exclusive specials.

Both Facebook and Yelp allow you to connect to your patients while they build your practice up for you using helpful and positive reviews and testimonials. When you refer your most satisfied patients to these pages, they’re bound to write glowing words that will translate into a “two thumbs up” to the community.

A mobile app can further help your online presence by directing users to your social media pages to write reviews, and even providing them pre-written content they can forward to their social media feeds. The accessibility and convenience of the app will allow the patient to effortlessly endorse your great patient care, and build your reputation for you.

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Miranda is currently studying Communications at California State University, Northridge and has been with Dental Anywhere since June 2013. "My favorite part about working with Dental Anywhere is the family environment. We take care of our clients and we take care of each other, and that makes for a great company!"

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