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Mobile Patient Forms: You’ll Never Look Back!

Here at Dental Anywhere, we like to solve problems: problems that patients experience as well as problems that bog down the front office of any dental office. Sometimes, we even take on the challenge of solving two problems at once—just like we did by developing the Patient Forms module.


In a casual conversation, you will find out- just as we did- that one annoyance patients do not look forward to dealing with when visiting a dentist is patient forms. Keeping their oral hygiene in mind can already be going out of the way for some busy patients, but having to spend a half hour filling out form after form can be deflating and discouraging- especially for new patients. Furthermore, new patient forms are a pain for the office! Do you type up the information that they have filled out? Do you scan it into your computer? Maybe you manually file them away? These methods lend themselves to disorganized files and time consuming procedures.

Your patient form woes can soon be over with the addition of our New Patient Forms module to the Dental Anywhere Mobile App service. You can now include your patient forms on your app, completely customized to what info you need to collect for your records. Patients can fill out the forms ahead of time, straight from the app on their smartphones at their own leisure and convenience. Once they are done, they are able to securely send their completed forms to the office via email in PDF format. The office is now able to digitally view, edit and file the patient forms for later access.  Not only is this convenient, but the office will be cutting down on paper costs, and helping the environment by doing so. Have your office go green by using digital patient forms!

By having your patients fill out forms ahead of time, they will essentially be able to start their appointments on schedule. You will be prepared with all of the information you need to treat each patient, and they will feel taken care of.

Start your new year off with a bang by impressing current and potential patients! People who have included visiting the dentist in their New Years resolutions will thank you for this feature.  Contact us today about adding New Patient Forms to your app!

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Miranda is currently studying Communications at California State University, Northridge and has been with Dental Anywhere since June 2013. "My favorite part about working with Dental Anywhere is the family environment. We take care of our clients and we take care of each other, and that makes for a great company!"

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