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Miranda is currently studying Communications at California State University, Northridge and has been with Dental Anywhere since June 2013. "My favorite part about working with Dental Anywhere is the family environment. We take care of our clients and we take care of each other, and that makes for a great company!"

Get Insurance Info Faster with new Insta-Insurance Feature


Get Insurance Information Even Faster New patients bring a lot of excitement to the office; they’re the cornerstone to the practice growing and succeeding. However, with every new patient also come some clerical challenges. Getting the necessary paperwork and information from them can be tedious, especially if they are hard Read more →

See Your Practice Grow in Real Time


Introducing DDS App Trac Have you ever wondered: how many people are actually using my app? It’s a question that allows you gauge patient adoption of the technology, and your team’s work behind promoting it. While there have been ways to measure success of an office’s app before, it’s never Read more →

Using a Rewards Program for Dental Offices


We are currently operating in a very consumer-centric world; people want to know: what’s in it for them? Your average patient may not think of their oral hygiene as a pressing priority. Maybe they’re on time with their hygiene appointments, but if not, it’s not the end of the world Read more →

Mobile Bill Pay is Here to Stay


Apple says it best, “Gone are the days of searching for your wallet, the wasted moments finding the right card, the swiping and waiting. Now payments happen with a single touch.” With the hype surrounding their newest launch of Apple Pay, the company is reinforcing the need for convenience when Read more →

Take Referrals to a New Level

smiling phone

There is no denying that over the past ten years, communication has changed drastically. For example, according to a study by the PewResearch Internet Project, over one third of American adults preferred text messages to phone calls in 2011! This type of technology is only expanding year by year, and Read more →

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Replying to Yelp Reviews


For the past few weeks, Dental Anywhere has been exploring the topic of Yelp reviews and their complaints about dental practices. Whether or not you feel that the online reviews of your office are fair, the bottom line is: they are what potential patients find when conducting research before choosing Read more →

Dental Anywhere Discovers the Top Ten Reasons Your Dental Office Stinks… According to Yelp Reviews


It is no secret that with the mass public adoption of social media, businesses– including dental offices– are affected by what consumers are expressing on the internet. Monitoring your online presence is essential for making sure that your business isn’t suffering as a result of these public postings. This is Read more →

Mobile Patient Forms: You’ll Never Look Back!


Here at Dental Anywhere, we like to solve problems: problems that patients experience as well as problems that bog down the front office of any dental office. Sometimes, we even take on the challenge of solving two problems at once—just like we did by developing the Patient Forms module. In Read more →

You asked, we answered. Hygiene Recall Now Available!


Why spend the time and resources sending post cards to remind patients it’s time for their regular cleaning? Dental Anywhere has got you covered with the new Hygiene Recall feature. When your patients register with your app, they can now choose how often you recommend they return. At intervals set Read more →

How to: Keep Your App On Their Smartphones


How do you ensure that after downloading your app, patients will keep it on their phones? Smartphones have limited space and when users download apps, they are investing in hopes that the application will be a much used tool and resource. Here are some steps to maximize patient satisfaction with Read more →